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Here are the police reports turned in by officers  Rogers that were dispatched to the petitioners and respondents home. In these reports there is an uncommon amount of incompetence between these two idiots. Both officer's Rogers and Davis are in serious need of training when it comes to responding to a domestic call. They are also in dire need of integrity lessons since it is clear that not even they can get their story straight from one statement to the next. There are numerous contradictions between their two statements, as well as an admission by one of the officers that there was no sign of domestic violence at all. In fact he is quoted as stating, "the residence appeared orderly and that there was no evidence of assault in the residence." If they by their own admission didn't see a reason to arrest me, then why was I arrested? 

There is no greater shock than to find that even with both law and facts in your favor, your Constitutional rights are worthless. This shows an incredible amount of negligence and bias on the part of these two bumbling idiots. Obviously the Federal Way police department does not have very high standards on who can become an officer in their city. I think its time that they learned a few facts. Men and children may not report when they are injured by a woman, however, the dead bodies of the men and children who are the victims of violent women are reported. Murder statistics are far more reliable than reported abuse statistics. The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report of family homicides in 33 urban counties. These quoted statistics represent convictions for murder. 

  1. "In spouse murders, women represented 41 percent of killers."

  2. "In murders of their offspring, women predominated, accounting for 55 percent of killers."

  3. "Among black marital partners, wives were just about as likely to murder their husbands as husbands were to murder their wives: 47 percent of the victims of a spouse were husbands and 53 percent were wives." 

This is a long way from the officers claim to me that "men are usually the aggressor," in fact in two out of three of these statistics the woman was usually the aggressor. This bungling attempt to quote law enforcement statistics to support the "male villain-female victim" dogma shows they are either misled or deliberately attempting to mislead.

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Petitioner/Mother's Statement to police


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