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This is officer Rogers report taken the night of the incident. The very next day she turned in another report of the events. As you will see this moron can't even keep her story straight after less than 6 hrs. have past. You would think if she had any amount of proper training, or even a brain in her head she would have at least re-read this statement before trying to re-write it. 



On 111000 at approx 2120 while at their residence respondent and petitioner became involved in a · verbal dispute over relationship matters. While petitioner was kneeling down in the kitchen checking phone messages respondent walked behind her and ·· pushed the back of her head causing her to hit her chin on the phone, causing her pain and dizziness. Petitioner then stood up and respondent ··· grabbed her left shoulder saying "this it it, you get what you deserve." After being advised that he was under arrest ···· respondent spontaneously stated he had been grabbed on the right arm by petitioner after she accused him of assaulting her. I did not observe injuries to either party.

                · In this statement it is clear that the petitioner and respondent were still in a relationship and arguing about said relationship but in Rogers statement 6 hrs later she states the petitioner was arguing with her ex-boyfriend. Then the statement from Davis claims the argument was because the boyfriend/respondent unplugged the phone. 

                    ·· Here Rogers claims that the respondent pushed the back of the petitioners head. Then again 6 hrs later she changes her story again to make it appear more vicious than she originally claimed by stating that the respondent slapped the back of the petitioners head. Even Davis's report states that Rogers states that the petitioner claimed that the respondent pushed the back of the petitioners head. This was a mere 30 minutes before the second report by Rogers.

                    ··· Here Rogers claims that the respondent grabbed the petitioners left shoulder, again just 6 hrs. later she claims that the respondent grabbed the petitioners arm, not shoulder. Further she does not state which arm, now 6 hrs. later its the left shoulder. Davis's statement in fact makes no mention of any grabbing at all by the respondent. The only grabbing stated is by the petitioner.

                    ···· Rogers does her best to make the respondent out as this horrible manipulative person by claiming that he spontaneously states that the petitioner grabbed him. Yet 6 hrs. earlier she makes no mention of this at all. Davis however makes it very clear that the respondent only wanted fair and unbiased treatment since he states, "Respondent asked why he was under arrest and I explained to him that petitioner stated he had pushed her while she was on the phone and respondent then stated that he did not push petitioner and wanted petitioner arrested too because after she accused him of hurting her, that she had grabbed his right arm with her hands which caused him pain."

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