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Here are the two reference statements that were never included in the assessment by Ms. Anderson not only did she choose to leave these out of her assessment, she also never bothered to contact either of them on the father's behalf. The first one was submitted by the father's long time friend of more than 15 years at the time of the incident. The other was submitted by the father's Employer/Friend of 10 years at the time of the incident. The final statement you will find here is from the person who was with the father at the time the proceedings took place. This witness was also present to refute the statement made by the petitioner's brother who claimed that the father made threats to the brother about the petitioner.


Father's Friend            Father's Employer/Friend             Father's witness/Friend


Personal Accounts of Abuse and Injustice

Personal Account #1 - JW (Male / Sacramento, CA)

JW has been denied custody of his child for the past ten years. The State would not explain to him why it placed his child with the mother's sister rather than with him.

Personal Account #2 - KB (Male / Sacramento, CA)

KB was evicted from his house allegedly for the "protection of other occupants" -- at the time there were no other occupants. He was legally separated from his wife, and she and the children were living two miles away at her sister's house. His wife then used the eviction to retain ownership of his personal items, such as his musical equipment and the computer he used for his profession. He is also paying child support based on an income imputed to a prior job that he left for valid reasons, because his wife falsely claimed at the hearing that he "quit so that he would not have to pay child support."

Personal Account #3 - XX (Male / Sacramento, CA)

FH was assaulted several times by his ex-wife. In each case the police did nothing except warn him that if she ever "breaks a fingernail" while swinging at him, he will be arrested. The system consistently rewarded his ex for her false allegations. He has spent 70% of his income into the system for the past several years just to maintain visitation with his son.

Personal Account #4 - CF (New York City)

CF was a NYC child welfare worker who was retaliated against for attempting to keep families intact rather than breaking them apart. CF claims the city and private individuals within the city had a financial incentive to place children in foster homes.

Personal Account #5 - CT (problem in Riverside, CA)

CT chronicles the problems her husband had when the DA falsely claimed that his ex-wife had been on welfare. The DA's office was belligerent and uncooperative, stating, "if you don't like it take us to court."

Personal Account #6 - XX (Orange, CA)

After taxes and child support he is left with only 23% of his $66,000 income. Now his ex-wife is trying to further reduce his visitation so that he will have to pay even more.

Personal Account #7 - MX (female - Sacramento, CA)

Female victim of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome): Two false abuse accusations to CPS, a court-ordered 730 pysch. evaluation, consultation with countless therapists and spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and still her stepson is completely alienated from her.

Personal Account #8 - LR (male - North Dakota)

Ex-wife commits felony and contempt of court by moving with the children from North Carolina to North Dakota, thus making it impossible for LR to see his children on weekly visitation. Family Court did nothing. He finally conceded defeat and moved to North Dakota, where he is still fighting in Family Court for his once-per-week visitation.

Personal Account #9 - PT (male - Fresno, California)

Ex-wife is millionaire neurologist. Family Court ignores her child abductions and violent behavior, rewards her for her attorney's lies in court, including excess child support from his income which is 1/3 of his ex-wife's, and places a restraining order on him.

Personal Account #10 - VK (male - Burbank, California)

Wife got pregnant by another man during a long separation in 1983, which she acknowledged in divorce court in 1988. He was granted joint custody and visitation, but ex-wife violated this order and never let him be part of her life. Then 12 years after the divorce in December 2000 Family Court ordered him to pay child support and garnished his wages.

Personal Account #11 - KG (male - Orlando, Florida)

This account is long - set aside 30 minutes. It chronicles how Kent's relationship with his girlfriend began, resulted in children, and ended - with the usual false restraining order. At a five minute hearing in which his witnesses were barred from entry testify, the judge issued a lifetime VAWA restraining order against him, prohibiting from having any unsupervised contact with his children, and forever restricting him from owning firearms. In spite of his name on the birth certificates, the judge ruled that, because they were never married, he had no rights to visitation or custody until he provided "proof of paternity." Yet the judge must have found some evidence of paternity because he then ordered child support at 65% of Kent's earnings.

Personal Account #12 - Steve Cloer (Norcross, GA)

For a moment I felt that I knew what it was like in 1940s Europe, the authorities had come to my house with no evidence of any wrong doing and forced me from my very own home I alone had totally paid for. I had emails written by my wife to her friends describing how she had hit or kicked me, video tapes of her aggressive, abusive, threatening physical behavior... But, conveniently, after she reported me I was not allowed into my house to retrieve these things before the court date. The result of me even being near my own house would be an arrest and a felony conviction.

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