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11/11/00                                        Federal Way Police Department

02:56                                                Deputy Supplemental Report

Incident Number:        00-15738        Nature:     Assault 4             Incident Date: 11/11



                Rogers, 7572

  2.    CASE NUMBER:



                On 111000 at approximately 2154 hrs. I responded to the ------ for a report of a physical domestic. Upon arriving. I contacted V1/Petitioner, who was very upset. V1 explained that she had been in a verbal ·argument with her ex-boyfriend. She explained that she bent down to use the phone and at that time S1/Respondent came up behind her, slapped her on the back of the head. This caused her to jam the phone receiver into her chin. She had pain in her chin and was dizzy due to the assault. She stood up and turned around and at that time ··S1 grabbed V1 by her arm. She believes he also grabbed her by the front of her shirt in the chest area, but she is unsure of that, and pulled her close to him and stated, "you pushed it, this is it, you get what you deserve" and then let ho of her. ···S1 walked away and V1 had pain in her arm. She then ran to the bathroom.

Upon checking her arm, V1 noticed that it was red, due to S1 grabbing her. 

····They continued to argue and at approximately 30 minutes later V1 called 911. Throughout the rest of the evening V1 explained that S1 had been yelling at her, ·····saying that he was going to make her life a living hell. That everything she touched he would destroy and belonged to her. S1 also threatened to key her car and stated that no one would be able to prove that he had done it. The also have a child in common which S1 was holding and refused to give back to V1.

V1 supplied me with a written statement. Upon examining V1's chin, there were no marks and no other marks or abrasions were located. Due to that no pictures were taken.

V1 ······was crying and upset throughout my conversation with her. She appeared very scared and stated that S1 was going to be very upset and she was scared of what he was going to do to her when he got out of jail.


  5.    INJURIES:

  6.    SCENE:

               · In this statement Rogers is clear that the petitioner was arguing with her ex-boyfriend, but in Rogers statement 6 hrs prior she states the petitioner and respondent were still in a relationship and arguing about said relationship. Then the statement from Davis who claims the argument was because the boyfriend/respondent unplugging the phone. 

                   ·· Rodgers states that the petitioner claims that the respondent grabber her arm but is not sure if he grabbed her shirt in the chest area. How can a person be so clear on the details of grabbing but not clear as to where she was grabbed? 6hrs earlier however Rogers states that the petitioner claimed it was her shoulder and not her arm that was grabbed. Davis of course makes no mention of this claim at all, neither should or arms was ever touched according to him.

                   ··· This statement by the petitioner claims she ran to the bathroom, but there is no mention of the whereabouts of her accomplice. I have a hard time believing that he would not be with her making sure she was ok.

                   ···· This claim that the argument continued for 30 minutes after the supposed assault had taken place is moronic. First it contradicts the previous sentence where the respondent was supposed to have walked away. Second  if we were to assume this is true then again where is the petitioners accomplice through all this? Third, phone records clearly show that the respondent was on the phone talking long distance to his friend before the police were called. Fourth if the petitioner was so hurt and afraid then why wait 30 minutes to use her accomplices cell phone when he had been there the whole time?

                   ····· Rogers statement claims that the respondent was making threats during this 30 minutes prior to 911 being called. Now even though we have already established the respondent was on the phone during this time, lets take the time to poke another huge hole in this incredible flimsy concoction. If there were threats being made then why is there no statement from the petitioners accomplice verifying these threats? He was after all there, we know this from the statements as well as the fact it was his cell phone. Again I find it impossible to believe he just sat there and did nothing. Not even to tell the police that he heard the arguments and the threats.

                   ······ Rogers states that the petitioner was crying and upset while talking with her. Yet 6 hrs. earlier when they were actually talking there is no mention of this. Also Davis makes no mention of this instance as well indicating that he did not observe this. This means that either Rogers is embellishing again. Which of course is the most likely, or that the petitioner simply turned her tears off while around Davis.

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