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The Regional Justice Center Located in Kent Washington is where you will find some of the most incompetent, biased, and corrupt judges, commissioners, and court appointed officers that I personally have ever had the displeasure of meeting. These buffoons permeate the very fabric of the family court system. Disgracing their sworn oaths to the people and disregarding the best interests of our children. These twits allow Arrests without a warrant, forcing citizens from their homes and children with nothing more than the clothes on their back, searches without a warrant, seizures of their property without redress, mandatory arrests often on nothing more than hearsay, assuming the accused is guilty until proven innocent, denial of the right to confront the accuser and obtain witnesses in one's defense, punishment and imprisonment that occurs before a trial or without one, public censure for crimes men have not committed, and more. These are acts of a police state and the policies of tyrants.

There is no greater shock than to find that even with both law and facts in your favor, your Constitutional rights are worthless because you can't get the courts or government to enforce them. Throughout this section you will find evidence of gross violations of the civil liberties of men in the name of controlling domestic violence. You will see just how much their pre-conceived notions that the claimed abuse has already occurred when they first undertake their investigation that underlines their decision making. This bias becomes the very basis for their every decision. Present efforts, massively funded, brand men as "batterers" and women as "victims." Any thinking individual will be able to Browse through and see for themselves the degradation of this pathetic system.

November 27th 2000                       January 17th 2001

Family Court Services                   Motion for Revision  

Contempt of court                        Frivolous court action

 Final Decision                

In a study of more than 1200 headlines; 1) women were referred to as victims of violence 35 times for each one reference to men as victims. 2) Not a single article focused on men. Compare this to reality where men are 3 times as likely to be victims of murder, twice as likely to be victims of non-domestic violence, and equally as likely to be victims of domestic violence. More discouraging, when violence against men was reported, it was usually in statistical and raw data form; womenís was personalized. menís lives count only to the degree they are heroes who perform for us or save us, or villains who disturb our peace. Womenís lives count more for their own sakeÖa womanís pain is every talk show.

We so rarely inquire of a manís grief, we forget it exists. When Princess Di had her affair, we asked her about her isolation, her depression, her husbandís aloofness; but when Prince Charles had an affair, we accused him of infidelity.... As a result, billions of women worldwide identified with Princess Di. Few men had any male fears with which to identify.

Violence Against Men 

DAWN, the Domestic Abuse Women's Network, receives funding from the Washington Department of Social and Health Services and King County specifically for the purpose of discriminating by race, religion, gender or gender orientation in providing services to victims of domestic violence. In addition to shelter services they provide client advocacy and legal advocacy to everyone meeting their discriminatory service criteria. DAWN takes pride in their discrimination, on the home page of their Web site: "Domestic Abuse Womenís Network is the only community-based agency in South King County, Washington dedicated to offering comprehensive, free services for women and children experiencing domestic violence." Their exclusionary policy is listed in their statement of client advocacy and legal advocacy services that people, all victims of domestic violence, need. For example, DAWN provided legal advocacy services to the batterer, to help her avoid or minimize the consequences of her domestic violence assault. Ironically, when this batterer goes to her criminal trial for domestic violence assault, an advocate for Victim/Witness Services will be standing for the male victim, while a DAWN advocate will stand for the batterer. The state and King County will be providing free advocacy services to both sides of this criminal matter, even if the perpetrator doesn't meet the indigency test for free legal counsel.

A likeable, outgoing young man. Dynamic, well-paid sales manager sought after by other companies. Or he was, until he was battered, first by his ex-girlfriend and then by the system. She was arrested and jailed for domestic violence, and a no-contact order was issued against her. Auburn Municipal Court Presiding Judge Patrick R. Burns made his own contribution to the battering by the system, with the assistance of the Domestic Abuse Women's Network. DAWN was there to represent the interests of the batterer. The young man had phoned DAWN and New Beginnings, the two King County domestic violence programs for assistance, and was ignored. One told him "I'm not saying your call isn't important, but I have a call that's more important," and hung up. The woman has turned around and petitioned the Auburn Municipal Court for a domestic violence restraining order against the guy she had battered. When he showed up for court, he saw her and a domestic violence advocate standing outside. It sure looked like the system was stacked against him, and he wasn't sure he could handle her lies and accusations. So he turned around and left. The batterer and her domestic violence courtroom advocate from DAWN saw him come and go before the hearing was called. In the true spirit of advocacy, the DAWN advocate did not say anything, but sat patiently in the court for an hour and a half until the case was recalled. Judge Burns, quipped, "Mr. Jones is still not here. This one's easy." as he signed another instrument in her battering. A court observer tried to speak out, "I have information pertinent ...." and Judge Burns snapped, "You're not a party. I won't hear you." DAWN and Judge Patrick Burns demonstrate how the batterer can use the system as another battering weapon, to assert more power and control. Now the woman will demonstrate her power and control, and get back at him, for the sin of being on the wrong end of her punches. She does it with the full cooperation of the DAWN domestic violence program and Judge Patrick Burns of the Auburn Municipal Court.

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