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Reverends Sam and Bunny Sewell
A report from: Family Resources & Research

In their 2000 report on family violence, the Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell point out that:

1. Women are three times more likely than men to use weapons in spousal violence.

2. Women initiate most incidents of spousal violence.

3. Women commit most child abuse and most elder abuse.

4. Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely than they hit their female children.

5. Women commit most child murders and 64% of their victims are male children.

6. When women murder adults the majority of their victims are men .

7. Women commit 52% of spousal killings and are convicted of 41% of spousal murders.

      8. Eighty two percent of the general population had their first experience of violence at the hands of women.

President George W. Bush claims that he is determined to make committed, responsible fatherhood a national priority;

"The presence of two committed, involved parents contributes directly to better school performance, reduced substance abuse, less crime and delinquency, fewer emotional and other behavioral problems, less risk of abuse or neglect, and lower risk of teen suicide. The research is clear: fathers factor significantly in the lives of their children. There is simply no substitute for the love, involvement, and commitment of a responsible father. "

A Blueprint For New Beginnings: A Responsible Budget for America's Priorities Released February 28, 2001

This is the final court date that determined all custody and child support matters. With all the preparation that went into this I knew that I was ready to show without any doubt that the petitioner was a lying manipulative person who's only concern was to make me look as bad as possible with one lie after the next. Of course she had her lawyer Mr. David G. Kontos present, willing, and able, to help her misrepresent the facts of the case. We can see this is a man who has no problem with misrepresentation. As we can see in 1998 he was finally caught doing what he does best. (I am thinking he should not have kept up his improper activities outside of the family court realm) We know that this cannot be an isolated instance since this man is a lawyer by trade. Therefore he has no excuse for not knowing the laws. Instead he makes sure to research so he can best manipulate and cover up his clients abuse of the system. 

David G. Kontos (WSBA No. 12710, admitted 1982), of Kent, received an admonition following a stipulation. The discipline was based on his negligent misrepresentation in a petition filed with the court in 1998.

Mr. Kontosís conduct violated RPC 8.4(c), prohibiting lawyers from engaging in conduct involving misrepresentation.

The sad part is that he did not have his license revoked. This is a shame, but not uncommon because he has more protection than most people since he is not only a lawyer but a replacement judge/commissioner pro temp for the very same family court system in the very same court house that has shown nothing but bias, contempt, incompetence, and a gross disregard of the father's civil and human rights.  When you read articles like Domestic Violence Against Men by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D. © 2002 Equal Justice Foundation, and Abuse Of And Violence Against Children also by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D. © 2002 Equal Justice Foundation. You begin to get a greater since of the urgency that is needed here. not just for my son but for

Once I was actually inside the courtroom I could tell that that the decision had already been made that I would lose, and no matter what I said or did the outcome would not change. They were simply going through the motions like mindless automatons so they could make it appear proper. Since the proceedings were closed to the public all they had to show was that the process had been observed, but not that it was proper. This was painfully clear when the presiding judge berated me for showing the many flaws in the petitioners statements and testimony. I had caught Petitioner in a direct lie and was setting her up by making sure she agreed that her statements were true. Once I had her contradicting herself, I began to ask her which of the conflicting statements she was going to stick with. (Even though RCW 9A.72.050(2)(1) is quite clear that you must hypothetically assume each statement to be false), of course in this case I was not attempting to ascertain which was correct. I was simply bringing to light the inconsistencies and Petitioner's habit of giving perjured testimony while under oath pursuant to RCW 9A.72.040(1). Not only did I make the conflicting statement perfectly clear but also I had also caught Petitioner in a lie where she had no escape. The judge however ignored this and told me to cease with my line of questioning, and if I continued she would stop my examination of Petitioner altogether. This along with the overwhelming documents and other statements in my favor showed this judges willingness to accept false statements pursuant to RCW 9A.72.040, accept inconsistent statements pursuant to RCW 9A.72.050(1), and allow the tampering of physical evidence pursuant to RCW 9A.72.150(1)(a)(b). These acts showed the judges gross negligence, bias, incompetence, wanton disregard for law, failure to observe both my legal and civil rights, total disregard for the health and welfare of a child. As well as making her guilty of guilty of failure of duty pursuant to RCW 42.20.100, willfully disobeying a provision of law regulating official conduct pursuant to RCW 42.20.080, unprofessional conduct pursuant to RCW 18.130.180, and official misconduct pursuant to RCW 9A.80.010(1)(a)(b). Once the court was over I waited for the decision to come. The decision was made and sent off by mail so I received it about 2 weeks after my appearance in court. As I expected the decision followed the recommendations of Ms. Stanley.

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