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Investigation Preformed by Investigator Rosie Anderson:

This is the report submitted by the family court investigator Rosie Anderson. When you read this you can't help but think that the father/respondent is a very bad person. Even I got that impression and I am the father/respondent. fortunately when you review the Procedural errors committed by this very biased report you begin to see the truth and the corruption within the courts. The fact that this incredibly incompetent, and biased person is allowed to submit these reports to the courts is sickening. 





                             )                S.C.  No.   00-2-28532-9-KNT

               Petitioner                                                              )                F.C.S. No.  200020842

and                                                                                        )                DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ASSESSMENT

                                                                                              )                HEARING DATE 1/17/00


                Respondent                                                           )


RE:        The Welfare of the 

             Minor Child:


               Date Ordered: 11/27/00

               By Pro Tem Commissioner Bungi

               Specific issues to be addressed: none specified

Background Information:

The parents met in 1995 through a friend. At the time that they met, the mother was 18 years old and the father was 28 years old. The mother became pregnant on their first date. The parents moved in together in 1996 and the separated on 11/10/00. They share one son in common, (age 4), who is deaf. the mother has recently filed for parernity and it has not yet been established. The mother alleges that the father has a history of emotional abuse towards her and her son and of domestic violence towards her. The father alleges that the mother has left him for another man and is unfairly trying to limit his contact with his son.

Protection Order:   See petitioner's narrative in the file.


The mother said that the father became verbally abusive toward her and her son two years ago. she said that he called her son a dumb bastard because he is deaf. She said that he called her a variety of profanities. She said that on 5/14/00 the father became angry and lifted up a part of a sectional couch and threw it against her wall. She said that the father was arrested on previous warrants.

The mother said that two years ago she met her friend, and he had a relationship with her while she and the father were separated. She said that she admitted to the father that she had stronger feelings for and this continued to be a contentious issue in their relationship.

THe mother said that on 11/10/00 she picked the father up from school. She said he appeared angry and she asked him why, he told her it was the "same shit anyway." She said that they picked up from daycare and was in  afussy mood. She said that Taylor wanted to open the front door with her keys. The father offered him his keys and still wanted his mother's keys. The father said, "F--k your mother's keys." and proceeded to open the front door. This frustrated and he started to have a tantrum. The father forcefully grabbed face with both hands and sent him to bed. The mother said that she was upset with how the father handled this and when she confronted him, he threatened to make her life a living hell. she said that he threatened to key her car and she would not be able to prove it. She said that called during the argument and she told him what was occurring. She said that when the father realized that she was talking to , he unplugged the cordless phone and asked, "Is he going to rescue you?" The mother said that the father was repeatedly slamming the front door so hard it blew open the back door. She said that arrived and the father turned up the TV very loud. She said that she went into the bedroom to check on messages and she heard someone come up behind her. She said that the father hit her on the back of the head causing her chin to hit the phone. She said that she felt dizzy and tried to grab the door, but the father grabbed her arm. She said that she yelled, "I can't believe that you hit me." then came in. She said that the father asked her what she was talking about. She said that he refused to let go with her. She said that she used cell phone to call 911. The father had also called 911. she said that the police arrived and the arrested the father.

The mother is concerned that the father has no patience with . She said that broke the computer monitor and the father spanked him. She said that he did not leave any marks on the child. She said that on the same day that this occurred she arrived home and found in a fetal position sucking his thumb. She said that the father has shaken awake when lost his eraser.

She said that the father was fired from a recent job and he made threats to her that he was going to seek revenge on his boss. The mother said that she believes that the father well follow through on his threats towards her.


The father expressed that he was very frustrated because the commissioner would not listen to him at the protection Order hearing. He said that the first sentence of the mother's declaration was false. The father said that the mother has hit him on at least a few occasions over the past five years. He could not specify when the last incident was, but he said that he was afraid that she would hurt him. The father stated that he is non-violent, but will argue until "your blue in the face."

The father said that he and the mother argued on Mother's day 2000. He said that she grabbed from him and put him in the car to leave. The father said that he picked up a section of the couch, lifted it up to shoulder level, causing it to hit the ceiling and then he dropped it back down.

The father said that on 11/10/00 he waved at the mother when she came to pick him up and she did not respond. They picked up . He was sleepy from a nap and was cranky. When they arrived home wanted his mother's keys to open the door. The father said that he gave his keys and rejected them, so the father went ahead and opened the door with his own keys. He said that threw a fit. The father said that he dropped down to knee level to talk to and turned away from him. The father said that he signed for to stop now and that it was time to sleep. He said that he asked the mother to turn on the TV, so could cool off for a couple of minutes. The father said that he and the mother began arguing about the mother's relationship with . The father told her that she needed to make a choice between him and and that she would have to give him half of the time. He denied making any threats towards the mother. He said that called during the argument and he unplugged the phone during their conversation. He said that the mother told him that was stupid because then ws just going to come over. The father said that he slammed the front door hard about four times. He said that they continued arguing and he doubts that he made any threats towards the mother, but she threatened to leave with . He reported that showed up and that the mother told about their argument to provoke him. He said that he walked past the mother in the kitchen to take a drink of water and she grabbed him. The father states that he was ten feet away from the mother at the time she says that he was assaulting her. He said that he called the police and was arrested.

The father said that he returned to the residence with a civil stand-by to retrieve some personal items. He said that was alone with and when saw him, he wanted to come to him and pulled away. He said that he tried to get the officer to stop him from doing this, but the officer would not. 

The father believes that the mother is being vindictive and is intentionally trying to get him out of his child's life.

The father states that the mother is neglectful of the child's communication needs. He said that he worked for over a year to get funding for a sign language class for himself and the mother through school.

The father said that he has been going through a mild depression, but he is not suicidal. He said that on a scale of 1-10 most days his depression is 2-4, but on some days it is a 6. Towards the end of the interview the father broke down in tears and said that he was not even sure whether the mother will give him the Christmas presents that he bought for . He said that he has felt better being separated from the mother, but is torn apart by not seeing his son. The father said that he is considering completing a psychological evaluation to prove to the courts that he is non-violent.

Report is based on the following information:

  1. Office interviews of the mother 12/18/00 and the father 12/18/00.

  2. Review of legal file and parent information forms.

  3. Review of references submitted on behalf of parents--- (2) for mother; (2) for father.

  4. Review of declarations from Ms. , Ms. , and Mr. . Federal Way Police report # 00-15738 (11/11/00)

  5. Review of JIS (list the relevant convictions here)

  6. Collateral contacts: Ms. , Hearing Speech and Deafness Center (1/11/01); Ms., Common Ground (1/11/01); Mr. , Maternal uncle (1/11/01)

  7. JIS Criminal Background checks reveal that the mother has no history of criminal convictions and the father has the following convictions:

            9/13/97 Driving with a suspended license- Guilty

            7/16/97 Operating a motor vehicle without insurance or a license- Guilty

            12/16/95 Parked in a handicap zone- Guilty

            11/8/95 Operating a motor vehicle without insurance or a license- Guilty

            7/2/95 Operating a motor vehicle w/o insurance or license, speeding- Guilty

            3/19/95 No valid driver's license- Guilty

            8/5/94 No valid driver's license- Guilty

            12/26/92 Expired vehicle license and operating a motor vehicle without insurance- guilty

            12/5/90 Theft third degree- Guilty

            6/19/90 Theft third degree- Guilty

Ms. Hearing speech and Deafness Center, states that it is against their agency's policy to become involved in conflicts between parents.

Ms. , Common Ground, states that they made a couple of attempts to reach the father. She said that on 12/20/00 the father's friend called to say that he could not afford to pay for both supervision and an interpreter for his son. Ms. said that she suggested a volunteer from the school for the deaf. She said that they mailed the father an intake packet and there was not follow up.

Mr. , maternal uncle, states that the father called him several times after the initial breakup and he found out afterwards that this was in violation of the protection order. He said that the father vented about what was going on and wanted suggestions about how to reconcile with the mother. He said that the father told him to tell that he will always love him. Mr. Dunn said that when he told the father that he was going to side with the mother. The father became angry and told him that she would regret what she did to him and that her life would be bad.

Declaration by Ms. , neighbor to the parents (11/12/00):

She states that she has lived next door to the parents and has heard door slamming and the father yelling at the mother on many occasions. On 3/9/00 she heard a very loud bang and saw the mother holding , while the father was yelling at the mother. She said that she decided to call the police, but the responding officer said that he could not arrest the father because he threw part of his sectional, but he discovered that the father had two outstanding warrants. She said that she later heard the father telling the mother to watch herself and he threatened to damage her car.

Declaration by Mr. , mother's friend (11/19/00)

He said that he called the mother on 11/10/00 and the father sounded upset when he answered the phone. He said that the mother told him they were fighting and he heard the father yelling in the background and slamming doors. He said that the phone went dead. He said that he went to their house and the mother and appeared fine, but the mother told him that the father threatened to make her life hell. Mr. states that he was playing with and the parents were in the bedroom and he heard the mother yell, "Oh my God! I can't believe you hit me!" Mr. said that he ran into the room and the mother appeared shaken. He said the father was standing over her in a threatening manner. He said the father called the mother a liar and he left the room. He said that the mother was pale, shaking and crying throughout the evening. Mr. Said that he had the mother call 911 form his cell phone.

Declaration from Ms. :

States that she has witnessed violence by the father towards the mother. She said that he has been verbally abusive towards her and he joked about lifting up a sectional couch and putting holes in the wall and ceiling.

Federal Way Police report # 00 --- 15738 (11/11/00)

States that officers responded to a complaint of a physical domestic. The mother was very upset and said that she had bent down to use the phone and the father slapped her on the back of the head causing her to jam the receiver into her chin. She said that he may have grabbed her by the front of the shirt. She said that the father told her that she pushed it and she gets what she deserved. She said that they continued to argue afterwards and the father threatened to make her life a living hell and that he would destroy anything that belonged to her. The mother was crying and appeared upset throughout the conversation. She appeared very scared and expressed that she was frightened that he would retaliate against her after he was released from jail. Neither party had visible injuries. The father stated that he and the mother had argued. He said that he unplugged the phone when her boyfriend called the residence. He denied making threats to her. The father was determined to be the primary aggressor.


It appears that the father has had a pattern of using violence and intimidation tactics with the mother. The mother's friends, brother and neighbors have witnessed the father yelling at the mother, making threats towards her and using intimidation tactics such as slamming doors and throwing the couch. He has also contacted the maternal uncle in violation of the No Contact Order. The father would benefit from domestic violence treatment. The father would also benefit from a parenting class that teaches the impact of witnessing domestic violence on children.

The father seemed quite distraught at the Family Court Services interview and he expressed an interest in pursuing some individual counseling. The father's despondency could also be a factor that could increase the risk in this case. Care should be taken to avoid any parental contact during the exchange. The father described himself as mildly depressed, but he appeared very upset during the office interview. The mother said that the father recently lost his hob, which could be another stressor in his life.

The mother complained that the father could be rough with . she said that he had shaken him awake and spanked him previously. These incidents do not rise to the level of the father needing supervised visitation, but he may benefit from a parenting class. Family Services is a specified referral because they offer classes on non-violent parenting and on the impact of domestic violence on children.


  1. The Protection Order should remain in effect.

  2. The child should reside with his mother and should share time with his father on alternate weekends beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and ending at 6:00 p.m. on Sundays. Child exchange should be by a mutually agreed upon third party or a professional visitation supervisor. Suggested providers are the following: ABC Visitation Services (253-334-9909), Mr.   (206- - ) or Ms.    (206-- )

  3. The father should enroll in domestic violence treatment at Family Services (206-461-8369). When he is in his last phase of treatment he should enroll in the class on the impact of witnessing domestic violence on children and a non-violent parenting class.

  4. The father should enroll in individual therapy with one of the following providers: Good Samaritan Mental Health (Puyallup 253-445-8120), Valley Cities Mental Health (Auburn 253-939-1309) or Northwest Mental Health (Auburn 253-931-0116)

Respectfully Submitted,

Rosie anderson

Social Worker

Family Court Services

Date: 1/16/01

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