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On November 10th 2000, The petitioner/mother picked me up from school, I greeted her but got no response from her. I could tell she was in a bad mood I decided to keep quiet hoping she would eventually say something. When we got to the daycare to pick up Our Son we found he was asleep on the couch. I leaned over the couch and began to give him kisses and gently tap and shake him slightly to wake him up. Since he had only fallen asleep a few minutes prior to us getting there he woke up in a crabby mood. I picked him up and gave him a hug and then gave him to The petitioner/mother so she could do the same thing. Our Son was still in acting crabby so The petitioner/mother gave him back to me and I went out to the car and put him in his car seat. Our Son stayed in a bad mood vocalizing loudly to the point that both The petitioner/mother and I both turned to him and told him to stop it, and that he could go back to sleep when we got home. Once home I let Our Son out of the car, I got my things out of the trunk and The petitioner/mother got Our Sonís things out of the back seat. Our Son was still being very crabby and complaining while he was at the front door waiting for us. I reached the door before The petitioner/mother where Our Son made it clear he wanted to unlock the door. I gave him the keys and he tried to stick the wrong one in the door. I tried to help him get the right key but he pulled away from me dropping the keys and then becoming upset again. At this point I told him that I had enough of his attitude and I picked up the keys and unlocked the door. 

Once inside I told Our Son he needed sleep and to go to bed. Our Son became even more upset with this, began to cry and turned his head away from me. I turned his head back to me and then told him to focus on me. He saw my angry facial expression and began to cry even more, but continued to face me. I again told him to go lay down. He continued to show his displeasure by crying all the way down the hall into our bedroom where I told him to get into our bed. I turned on the TV for him and told him he could watch TV as long as he stayed on the bed. The petitioner/mother stayed in the bedroom for a few minutes while I left to get my bag with my schoolbooks in it. After a few minutes I went back and told Our Son who had calmed down considerably that he could get out of bed if he wanted. Our Son declined and continued watching TV while staying on the bed. I played with Our Son for a few minutes and then left again to see what The petitioner/mother was up to. I could tell The petitioner/mother was still in a bad mood so I asked if she wanted to talk about anything. She snapped back in a very harsh voice, NO. I asked her to sit down because I could tell she was upset and we should talk about it. In a very sarcastic tone The petitioner/mother claimed there was no reason to talk since I was always right anyway. At this point I to became upset and said FINE! I then went outside shutting the door hard behind me. The petitioner/mother followed me outside telling me to not slam the door. I told her that I did not mean to slam it so hard but it was not like she had never slammed the door herself. With this she became more upset and we both argued back and forth for a minute or two. 

I remember bringing up the incident with Our Son scratching the car and The petitioner/mother then called me a bastard and went inside the house slamming the door behind her. I followed The petitioner/mother into the house and slammed the door behind me, saying see you do it too. The petitioner/mother continued with her assault on me. At one point I barked back at her saying that every time I tried to talk to her she would clam up. I then told her that she had more than enough time to know how she felt about me instead of leading me on and seeing other people behind my back. Around this time her accomplice  called and I answered the phone. I wanted to just hang up on him but I gave the phone to The petitioner/mother and told her who it was. She took the phone and started talking to her accomplice  telling him that we were arguing and I was being selfish. She continued this berating of me while she was talking to her accomplice . I got tired of being insulted and went and unplugged the phone from the wall and then plugged it back in. a minute later The petitioner/mother came down the hall telling me that was a stupid thing to do, since he will be on his way over here now. I told The petitioner/mother that is probably what she wanted anyway, and we continued to argue more. At one point I got tired of her insults and started going point by point on how she would fight me instead of working with me or even discussing things with me. I told her that I was the only one she treated that way and I wanted to know why. The petitioner/mother tried to defend herself saying that she always supported everything with Our Son and our family. 

When she said that I stated, ďoh really?Ē then I went on to list several instances where she had not been supportive. I started with the school and how I had researched and fought so hard for so long with signing classes for us and other parents. I reminded her how she made me out to be the bad guy by telling me if I rejected the IEP I did so on my own and she would have no part of it. Or how she hid the IEP assessments from me, and going to them behind my back. Or how she would let her parents and friends would try to cause so much trouble and she would allow it. Or with our home how her father kept nagging for us to take over the loan and how I said it would be a good thing to help build credit and bring payments down. How she had procrastinated in doing so until she finally did and sure enough it built up credit and brought the payments down. Or the cell phone she got me for our first Christmas, and how the cell company used scare tactics to get her to pay a large amount of money that she should not have paid and when I told them to take me to court if they ever wanted to see the rest they gave her a full refund and allowed us to keep the phone since they had been in breach of contract. Or how with the old car that Our Son ended up scratching I said we should look around first to see what else we could find. Instead however you took the first car you saw and I kept telling you we should try other places first. Then just two days after buying the car you were so upset with the problems it had that we did go and look at another car that was in better shape, had more features, and was $500 less. And how we went back to the dealer for the first car and I told them they could keep their car because we found a better one. Then of course they started talking to you and the got you to stay with the car even though you didnít want to just because you didnít want to confront them. The petitioner/mother screamed at me that she hated me for making her choose me over her accomplice . I reminded her that I did not force her to choose me, I did however tell her to choose him or me, and if she wanted him then I could not figure out why she choose me, but we could have avoided a lot of pain and suffering on both our parts, especially mine if she had just been honest from the start. By this time The petitioner/mother was extremely upset, but she could not answer why she had chosen me or how she could claim that I forced her to choose me. 

Around this time her accomplice  showed up and The petitioner/mother let him in the house. The petitioner/mother began to tell her accomplice  about the argument and tried to bait me into arguing with her even more. I however refused to play her game anymore and simply kept quite and away from them. At some point The petitioner/mother and her accomplice  headed back to the bedroom where Our Son was. I was not about to let her take Our Son again and use him against me so I followed them down the hall. Once in the bedroom I laid down next to Our Son and started watching his signing videos, and practicing the signs with him. The petitioner/mother left the room but her accomplice  stayed behind at the doorway. I had become thirsty and I wanted to call a friend because I was not sure what I should do. I went to get some water and saw The petitioner/mother on the phone. She was not talking so I figured she was checking messages. I walked past The petitioner/mother and went into the kitchen and got some water for myself. As I was walked past The petitioner/mother again, she grabbed me by the wrist and told me that I was about to get it now or something close to that. I pulled away from her and continued to walk away, when I heard her yell out I canít believe you just hit me. With this I turned around and looked at her very confused. I heard her accomplice  coming down the hallway. So I turned and he almost ran into me since I was almost to the hallway myself. At this point I knew she was planning something to get rid of me and I had to do something. I told her I did not know what she was talking about and went to get the phone so I could call my friend to ask what I should do. 

My friend told me that I needed to call the police since she was making false accusations so I could straighten it all out before things got too bad. Once the police arrived they took a statement from The petitioner/mother, then came to me and asked what happened. I told them what had transpired and they then told me that they were going to arrest me for domestic violence even though there was no evidence of it.  I asked why I was the one being arrested and they stated that the man is usually the aggressor so I was the one they were going to take. I reminded them that she too was had been accused of being the aggressor when she grabbed me. They looked at my wrist and then stated that since there were no marks to confirm my claims they were choosing to not believe me. I told them that was a very biased statement since there were no marks on The petitioner/mother either, but offered no resistance to their arrest of me. The Police reports themselves were riddle with inconsistencies. After spending a weekend in jail I found out that no charges had been filed. In fact the DV Assault charges had been dismissed without prejudice. I was then handed a no contact order that stated I could not go home or see my son until after the court date specified on the no contact order. This date was not until November 27th and I was left with no clothes, money, or place to go. I was released without anyoneís concern about any of these matters. Since the charges had been dropped in the first place I could not understand how the no contact order could be upheld. When I showed up for court on the 27th of November I felt confident that the truth and the law would easily exonerate me. But what I found was an incredible bias and incompetence on the part of the personnel in charge.

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