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I believe every child should be given every right to live without abuse or pain and suffering.

This section takes us through all of the court dates. Some of them are not as detailed as the others since I ran out of money due to the courts undo financial obligations put on him when I was required by the courts to pay 50% of my income since the courts used an imputed income scale. This meant that I was told my support payments were based on the income I should have been making instead of what I was making. The reason I was making less than what the courts thought I should was because I had returned to school full time when all of this happened. Of course the courts did not care in the least about these circumstances or the fact that I had always provided for his child. You will get to see the complete incompetence of the police, courts, Family Court Services (FCS), and other appointed officers retained by the courts to investigate the mother's outrageous claims. The abuse of my son was known to the authorities from the day I walked into Rosie Anderson's office (The Family Court Services Domestic Violence Assessor). Instead of the system protecting my son from this horrible abuse, they left my son in a dangerous situation and then proceeded to protect the people who were abusing him. Through my experiences I have found that Once that has happened, nobody in any part of the bureaucracy is usually willing to examine the facts of the original complaint. 

This is the court date that started everything off. Where the petitioner was not only allowed to make false allegations against me. She was actually encouraged to do so. 

November 27th Court Date 

Here is the link for the Kent Regional Justice Center, where you will see the incompetence of the family court services investigator. As well as the worst, most incomplete, investigation I have ever seen preformed.

Kent Regional Justice Center (RJC)  

Next came the court proceeding after the assessment was preformed. Not only was this court date a complete farce but I was not given a copy of the assessment itself until 20 minutes before court started for the day. This of course did not allow anywhere near enough time to review the assessment much less refute it properly. I found out later that this is common practice amongst the courts and their investigators.

January 17th Court Date 

I filed for the motion for revision in an attempt to take this out of the family court system and bring to light all the illicit activities that were going on. To my dismay I found that the judge at this hearing was not only stupid beyond belief but he was also willing to lie directly to me from the bench.

 Motion for revision 

Neither the mother or the courts were done with me though. I got a contempt of court charge filed against me because I was a couple of hours late getting my son to his daycare provider. The reason was I had to take him in to the department of social and health services because his mother tried to cave in the side of his head. this was not the first of these abuse instances and I knew I had to document everything. However the courts are so concerned with blindly clinging to the mother's coattails they lose sight of their sworn duty to protect the children.

Contempt charge 

I had to file for an appeal after the motion for revision, but here again I was disappointed in the system that we have. This idiots are supposed to have honor and integrity but they do not! this was the another instance of a judge that was willing to lie rather than preserve their oath to the people.

My Appeal 

As if all this was not enough the mother and the courts decided that adding insult to injury would be a good lesson to teach me to not try and fight the system or protect my son. My son's mother decided to file another action against me, this time it was because my son would come back on Sunday night dirty and tired.

Frivolous action by Mother 

The Guardian ad litem was as bad if not worse than the family court services investigator. This twit not only failed to do her job, she actually condoned the assessor's incompetence. To make matters worse both of these morons had no experience with a special needs child or the deaf community. Their only concern was to have the mother keep my child no matter what. 

Guardian Ad Litem  

Once the final court date came I was so completely disillusioned that I was not even sure I should bother to show up at all. Of course if I had not shown up, it would have been used against me. As with the other courts, there was not an ounce of honor or integrity to be found. 

Final Decision

I invite you to find out exactly how vile these evil, disgusting, protectors of pedophilia are. Also see how the system, including the judiciary and investigators generally, have acted to protect the interconnecting webs of Legal Aid, and the Family Court. This case is not just a failure of the system. Rather it clearly shows that the whole system is immoral, inhuman.

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