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Shortly after Taking my son to DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) I received notice to appear for a contempt of court charge for not returning him to daycare a measly 2 hours late. I had to have a court appointed attorney since I could not afford one on my own. We all know how little they work for their clients since I had several instances which they could have used to show the dire need of protection for my son. The lawyer was given the entire following event for taking my son to DSHS yet in her infinite laziness chose to go her own route. ( I am sure it was because her way was far less work for her)  

My Son came to me on a visitation weekend with well over half of his ear covered in a bruise, this bruise extended past his ear to his neck for approximately 4 to 5 inches in length and roughly ½ to ¾ inch in width. I showed my friend, a parent herself, grandparent, and a licensed foster parent. When she saw the marks she immediately stated that they look reminiscent of marks that the children abused by their parents would come to her with. She stated that she was very concerned for My Son and that I needed to find out if he had seen his doctor or not. If not we would need to take him in to the hospital immediately to make sure there was no internal damage or swelling of the brain. (In order to check these things out and to make sure there was no damage a MRI would have been required. If My Son had a cochlear Implant at this time he would not have been able to receive the test which could have been detrimental to his health and welfare) I agreed with her on the seriousness of the incident, then called My Son’s doctor. I had to leave a message and wait for a return call the next day. Once I got the call from the doctor I asked if My Son had been seen for this. He stated that My Son had and that The Petitioner/Mother had claimed that she was in a separate part of the house when she heard a cry from My Son and came out to see what had happened. Where she found My Son had fallen between the couch and the window, hitting his ear on the windowsill. I asked if the skin had been broken and the doctor stated no, he also stated that this was a common injury with wrestlers called cauliflower ear because the top of the ear gets folded downward and pressed into the head creating the bruise. This immediately got me suspicious since the home was a Mobil home and did not have a windowsill. Rather it had a metal framework around it. Also the angle of the injury as depicted here.       


This made the account of what happened very unlikely for several reasons; 

1) in order for My Son to fall between the couch and the window the gap between the wall and window would have had to be much wider. Since the couch is a sectional My Son’s weight would also have had to be evenly proportioned between two separate sections of the couch so that his overall weight would not tip one single section over. 

2) The bruise would have appeared on the bottom or side (either front or back) of his ear in a perpendicular or horizontal line, and not the top with roughly a 45° angle. Indicating that My Son would have had to be upside down balancing on his hands, and even then the angle of incidence is still highly unlikely 

3) A fall with such force to create a bruise that lasted for over one full month onto a metal framework would have surely broken the skin (even if just minor scraping) even if it were not enough to cause bleeding. 

4) The gap between the couch and the windowsill is too narrow for a child to fall completely through. In fact it is far more likely that My Son would have either fallen forward onto the couch or back where he would have fell against the window and at worst been forced forward onto the couch where the cushions would have absorbed most of the kinetic energy, if and/or before rolling onto the floor. It is far more likely that he was struck with an object angled down toward him as in the following depiction.   


5) This reason only became apparent after the total time for healing had elapsed. The incident happed approximately four days before one of my visits by the time he left me after his second visit he still had a visible bruise covering about half the area it had originally encompassed. We can then calculate the rate of healing compared to the time elapsed. In this case from first to second visit he had healed approximately halfway. By the third visit there was just the slightest signs of a bruise left. Showing that the bruise lasted over 32 days. Since 3 visits with a separation of 14 days between them is equal to 28 days, and there were 4 days before the first visit. This makes a total of 32 days. I called the school to see if they had an incident report on this as well. My Son’s teacher told me that The Petitioner/Mother said she was out of the home and Brett was watching My Son when he hurt himself. With these two separate and inconsistent accounts I decided to call the daycare provider. The daycare provider told me that The Petitioner/Mother stated she and Brett were out and a friend was watching My Son, when they got home they learned that My Son had an accident. After receiving three separate and completely inconsistent stories from as many sources, I decided it was time to take this and make it as public as I possibly could. I was supposed to bring My Son to daycare on Monday morning, but on that Monday I was late because I took My Son to child protective services to make a complete report and show them firsthand what I was talking about. Since this was clearly child abuse pursuant to WAC 388-15-009(5)(b)(c), and assault of a child in the first degree pursuant to RCW9A.36.120(1)(b)(i)(ii)(A) and an action taken that is presumed an unreasonable use of force on a child pursuant to RCW 9A.16.100. The Petitioner/Mother must be presumed at fault since she has provided multiple inconsistent statements pursuant to RCW 9A.72.050. That states all inconsistent statements must hypothetically be presumed false. The Petitioner/Mother has already clearly established a pattern of abuse. Once the report was completed I took My Son to daycare and let them know exactly where I had been and why. 

When I went to the court date the attorney was the one who had to talk to the presiding judge, and even though I tried to interject so I could clear up points of interest I was told not to talk, that was my attorney’s job. This judge too showed her willful disregard for the law, decency, or the best interest of a child. Since she didn’t even bother to consider the past history of the mother, or the inconsistent statements by the mother. Nor did she care enough to review the documents I had presented. Making her guilty of failure of duty pursuant to RCW 42.20.100, willfully disobeying a provision of law regulating official conduct pursuant to RCW 42.20.080, unprofessional conduct pursuant to RCW 18.130.180, and official misconduct pursuant to RCW 9A.80.010(1)(a)(b). I was found to be in contempt of court because of this and ordered to pay a fine and attorney’s fees for The Petitioner/Mother’s lawyer as well as having to return My Son on Sunday now instead of Monday. This was yet another area of the justice system that was obviously corrupt and negligent in its duties.

Women Who Kill Their Family Members

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

© 2002 Equal Justice Foundation

The issue of domestic violence becomes bizarre when it is the woman who is accused. A seemingly invariable defense is that they were, in fact, the abused, and acted simply in self-defense. Consider the feminist mantras:

• For women, violence is a necessary resource for self-protection.

• In this country, women murder mainly as a means of survival.

• The majority of women are in prison because men abuse them.

• You're innocent. You're the victim.

Now compare these mantras with the facts. When it comes to the murder of intimates, as criminologist Coramae Richey Mann documented in her 1996 study of female killers, When Women Kill, murderesses are seldom helpless angels: 78% of the women in Mann's study had prior arrest records and 55% a history of violence. Only 59% claimed self-defense.

In When She Was Bad, on page 7 Patricia Pearson points out that:

"Women commit the majority of child homicides in the United States, a greater share of physical child abuse, an equal rate of sibling violence and assaults on the elderly, about a quarter of child sexual abuse, an overwhelming share of the killings of newborns, and a fair preponderance of spousal assaults...The sole explanation offered by criminologists for violence committed by a woman is that it is involuntary, the rare result of provocation or mental illness, as if half the population of the globe consisted of saintly stoics who never succumbed to fury, frustration, or greed. Though the evidence may contradict the statement, the consensus runs deep. Women from all walks of life, at all levels of power — corporate, political, of familial, women in combat and on police forces — have no part in violence. It is one of the most abiding myths of our time."

Violence against children by women is another issue where the public attitude is very different than the facts revealed by formal studies. The Third National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-3) from the US Department of Health and Human Services (call 1-800-FYI-3366 for a copy) reveals data about child abuse by mothers.

Women commit most child abuse in intact biological families. When the man is removed from the family the children are at greater risk. Mother-only households are more dangerous to children than father-only households.

Children are 3 times more likely to be fatally abused in Mother-only Households than in Father-only Households, and many times more likely in households where the mother cohabits with a man other than the biological father.

Children raised in Single-mother Households are 8 times more likely to become killers than children raised with their biological father.

Other studies reveal more about female violence against children:

Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely than they hit their female children.

Women commit 55% of child murders and 64% of their victims are male children.

Eighty two percent of the general population had their first experience of violence at the hands of women, usually their mother.

Our culture learns to be violent from our mothers, not our fathers.

Yet, 3.1 million reports of child abuse are filed against men each year, most of which are false accusations used as leverage in a divorce or custody case.

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