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Here we have the court of appeals, as I have stated before my experience with the system is such that I have absolutely no faith or trust in this system. The astounding fact is that, with the exception of convicted criminals, no group today has fewer rights than fathers. Even accused criminals have the right to due process of law, to know the charges against them, to face their accusers, to a lawyer, and to a trial. A father can be deprived of his children, his home, his savings, his livelihood, his privacy, and his freedom without any of these constitutional protections. And not only a divorced father or a unmarried father: Any father at any time can find himself in court and in jail. Once a man has a child he forfeits his most important constitutional rights.

After the first two court dates and the Family Court Services Assessment by Ms. Anderson I was wondering if there was an honest person to be found throughout the court system. I had to try all avenues available to me, so I filed for an appeal in the hopes that there were still honorable and integral people within this very corrupted and biased system of justice. When the court date arrived, I showed up hoping I would be able to make these idiots see the truth that was right before their eyes. When I walked into the court I took notice that neither the Petitioner/Mother nor her attorney bothered to show up for this court date. This struck me as odd since Petitioner/Mother had normally taken every opportunity possible to wreak more havoc and attempt to take time away from My Son and me. This also worried me since all my past experiences told me that something was not right with this situation. I was not sure if it was an attempt at a power play on the part of her lawyer, his way of making the statement to me that he already had talked with the commissioner and knew he had nothing to worry about. Or if it was an attempt by him to be able to make the claim that I never turned in the paperwork to his office which of course I had. I presented my case to the appeals court commissioner who asked a few questions of me. 

I answered her as best I could by giving her as much detail as she would allow. After hearing what I had to present to her she asked that I present a copy of the original order from Mr. Bungi. I told her I would be happy to make a copy and give it to her. She stated that she would give me a certain amount of time (I believe a week) to get the document and present it to her. I did as she asked, I also used the opportunity to make a breakdown of the videos for the first 2 court dates. This would allow her to not only see the order in front of her but allow her to read what Bungi had said in court. 

I was starting to get my hopes up since this seemed promising to finally get a person who it appeared was not corrupt, negligent, or willfully committing misconduct. Unfortunately my worst fears came to pass when I received the decision from the appellate court stating that though I had submitted several documents the original order that was before Mr. Bungi was not present in those documents. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this, these commissioners and judges have far too much power for the public good. When they can lie without having to worry about the repercussions of their actions is an appalling thought indeed. The order issued by this bumbling idiot would have made her guilty of making false statements pursuant to RCW 9A.72.040, making inconsistent statements pursuant to RCW 9A.72.050(1), tampering with physical evidence pursuant to RCW 9A.72.150(1)(a)(b), unprofessional conduct pursuant to RCW 18.130.180, failure of duty pursuant to RCW 42.20.100, and official misconduct pursuant to RCW 9A.80.010. If she was not immune to these acts simply because of her status. 

The acts committed by this commissioner are completely inappropriate, intolerable, outrageous, illegal, and immoral. They also violate both my legal and civil rights. Of course I was able to prove that the courts had tampered with the evidence submitted since I had Ms. Dalton my witness, not only help me prepare the statement with the order, she was also there when I turned it to the appellate court clerks office in Seattle where I was required to submit them. I even received a stamped copy to show I had turn the original order in, just as I did with the motion for revision. I know that the courts have a double standard and do not care about the legal rights or civil rights of fathers, nor were they concerned about the health or welfare of children. I realize that these (for lack of a more appropriate word) Punks have no reason to be concerned about their decisions since anything they do while on the bench makes them immune to prosecution or persecution. Not even a judicial review could reverse a decision made by a judge or commissioner even if they were found guilty of the charges brought before the review. Not only that but the review could only document the instance and that was pretty much the extent of their powers.

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