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I was quickly losing faith in the judicial system since there was obviously so much corruption within the judiciary. I knew I still had to try, so my next step was to file for an appeal. Shortly after filing, My Son came to me on a visitation weekend with well over half of his ear covered in a bruise, this bruise extended past his ear to his neck for approximately 4 to 5 inches in length and roughly ½ to ¾ inch in width. I showed my friend, a parent herself, grandparent, and a licensed foster parent. When she saw the marks she immediately stated that they look reminiscent of marks that the children abused by their parents would come to her with. She stated that she was very concerned for My Son and that I needed to find out if he had seen his doctor or not. If not we would need to take him in to the hospital immediately to make sure there was no internal damage or swelling of the brain. (In order to check these things out and to make sure there was no damage a MRI would have been required. If My Son had a cochlear Implant at this time he would not have been able to receive the test which could have been detrimental to his health and welfare.) I ended up taking him to DSHS (Department of Health and Welfare) so I could Keep documenting the instances of abuse. I ended up getting a contempt of court charge for trying to protect my son. I was contacted by the appointed guardian ad litem  Megan Stanley. Since my son is special needs, I expressly requested a person who was proficient with special needs children with emphasis on my son's deafness. This person was neither proficient in sign language nor did she have any experience with deaf children or the deaf community. Therefore incapable of understanding the special needs of My Son. When I met Ms. Stanley I informed her of the numerous procedural errors committed by Mr. Bungi, Ms. Holman, and Ms. Anderson. I also made sure to inform her of the instances of abuse that had been clearly documented. Ms. Stanley did not do a follow up on any of the procedural issues I raised, as well as the abuse issues that I had presented her. 

Once Ms. Stanley had completed her investigation there was a court date set for final arguments and the final decision in custody, visitation, and child support. Before this date however, I went to court for the appeal I had filed. I presented my case to the appeals court commissioner who asked a few questions, and then asked that I present a copy of the original order from Mr. Bungi. I did as she asked, unfortunately my worst fears came to pass when I received the decision from the appellate court stating that my appeal was being denied because I had not turned in paperwork that was requested. This of course was a total fabrication. I had my witness not only help me prepare the statement with the order, she was also there when I turned it to the appellate court clerks office in Seattle. After this The Petitioner filed a frivolous action to bring me back into court again. This time her motion was on the basis that My Son would come back to her dirty and tired. This was an outlandish accusation, again I had time taken away from me and I was told that I had to make sure My Son was clean, and rested before I took him back to The Petitioner. Which was now 7pm on Sunday. My pick up time was now 6pm on Friday instead of 5pm. This extra hour that he took from me was clearly a threat designed to let me know I needed to stop with my actions or he would continue to take time from me until I was not allowed to see My Son at all. Finally the last court date came for the final decisions of support and custody. The presiding judge berated me for hounding the witness. This was because I had caught The Petitioner in a lie and was attempting to ascertain which of the conflicting statements she was going to stick with. Although in this case I was not attempting to ascertain which was correct. I was simply bringing to light the inconsistencies and The Petitioner’s habit of perjury while under oath. Not only did I make the conflicting statement perfectly clear but also it caught The Petitioner in a lie where she had no escape. 

The judge however ignored this and told me to cease with my line of questioning, and if I continued she would stop my examination of The Petitioner. When court was over I waited for the decision to come and as I expected the decision followed the recommendations of Ms. Stanley. This act showed the judges gross negligence, bias, incompetence, wanton disregard for law, failure to observe both my legal and civil rights, total disregard for the health and welfare of a child. After this court date I knew there was no other recourse left. All I could do was bide my time, continue to collect evidence against The Petitioner, and hope that she did not cause permanent damage to My Son. It still felt wrong to not continue to openly fight, but when I had the threat of more time taken from me, and over 100 violations of law, nearly a 1/3 of those violations being official misconduct. I knew that no one would do anything about it, what else could I do? Just before my birthday in June of 2002, I met a woman whom I shall call Ms. Jane Doe. We got along very well from our first conversation together. We also very much enjoyed one another’s company. On the 3rd of June I was trying to contact Ms. Doe but she was not responding to my messages. I found this very odd and finally left a message asking what was going on and why she had been avoiding me. By the 6th of June I got a response from her stating that she had received an email from me that made her very nervous and she did not think she wanted to continue speaking with me. I informed her that I had not sent her any emails that would make her respond that way and I would appreciate some clarification on the matter. Ms. Doe told me that she would forward the email to me so I could see it for myself. I checked my email and found the following message sent to her from me and then forwarded back to me from her.

Ms. Doe

As someone who is very close to the respondent/father, close enough to use his email, you should be careful. very careful indeed.

The respondent/father is someone who has a history of abusing women and children. He steals from, and takes advantage of, everyone he meets – especially women. He lives off of others. He talks a good sob story. He steals from his friends, relatives, and employers. He owes thousands – which he will never repay.

He is only looking for a relationship with you because he needs money and a place to live – and he probably thinks as a DSHS caseworker, you can pull strings where his son is concerned. Unfortunately, you are a potential victim – a mark.

Don’t take his side in his battle for his son. He does not love you. He does not love anyone – except maybe his son with a warped kind of love. He sees people only for what he can take from them – and use them for. He will never be financially secure. You mentioned an inheritance – how early in your relationship did you mention this to Steve?

Please be careful. Steve is nothing but a very skilled and talented con-man. You sound like a successful woman. No one deserves the pain that the respondent/father will cause you.

Please proceed in this relationship with caution.

Since The Petitioner is the only person who ever knew my email password as well as the only one who had anything to gain by sending this email I can only believe that she is the one responsible for sending it. As soon as I finished the email I changed my passwords, all of them. Tampering in a person’s life like this especially since The Petitioner had already won made me wonder what she was trying to accomplish. The only thing I could come up with was that she wanted to do anything she could to push me into confronting her and thereby holding me in violation of the no contact order so she could have sole custody and never let me see My Son again. This vile and perverted attempt shows just what The Petitioner is capable of and knowing the courts as I did, I knew they would not care in the least. I was about to write a letter to The Petitioner’s attorney but did not have his information in front of me so I went to yahoo and used their search engine to pull up his location and contact information. To my surprise what I found was not his contact information, but this.

David G. Kontos (WSBA No. 12710, admitted 1982), of Kent, received an admonition following a stipulation. The discipline was based on his negligent misrepresentation in a petition filed with the court in 1998.

Mr. Kontos’s conduct violated RPC 8.4(c), prohibiting lawyers from engaging in conduct involving misrepresentation.

Once I saw this I knew just what I was up against. The Petitioner had chosen her attorney well by finding someone who would have no problems with misrepresentation. I also knew that writing or contacting him about this incident would do nothing but create more problems for me, since I could see he had no problem misrepresenting events. Since Mr. Kontos is also a court commissioner it now made perfect sense why none of my motions or statements of fact were ever reviewed honestly. A year later in the first week of June I received a letter from The Petitioner informing me that by law she was required to let me know of any major medical decisions she had made on My Son’s behalf. This decision was to give My Son a cochlear implant. This sent a chill through my spine since she had obviously had to go to several different doctors before finding one who would perform this invasive surgery since My Son’s original doctors did not recommend the procedure. I personally do not support the cochlear implant for children. For an in depth reason as to why, click on the following links. Background information will give you an understanding of what these implants are as well as what a child can expect to go through once they receive one. This next link gives you my reasons for not wanting my son to have a cochlear implant until he is old enough to understand what that entails and then he can make that decision for himself. I have also added a few statements in support of my position. These include statements from audiologists, psycologists, even NAD (National Association of the Deaf). 

Once I found out of The Petitioner’s intentions I looked everywhere for advice, lawyers wanted money up front before they would do or say anything. My recourse with the court system was not an option since I had gone that route a multitude of times before and knew where that would get me. All the people I had to talk to about it (which were only a couple) were hearing and they could not at first understand why I was against this. They all thought that My Son would become hearing so why would I not want that. Once I had the chance to explain the why they had a better understanding but still did not know what they could do to help. I realized that they were right, there was nothing they could do to help My Son. I was the only one who could do anything about it. So I did the only thing left of a person who cares more for their child’s welfare than they do their own. I saved every penny I could, and the last visitation weekend that I had him before the surgery I packed myself and My Son up and we left. My intention at first was to go to another state and find help from someone there. Whether it is a lawyer or press or anyone who was willing to help us. I contacted a lot of lawyers, news organizations, deaf organizations, and father’s organizations. If I received a response at all it was a negative one. Or one stating we want money first then we can help you. I became more and more discouraged. I finally sent an email to the Governor Locke of Washington state as well as to Mr. White, this was the judge from my motion of revision. I received no response from Judge White, but then I had not expected one. From Mr. Locke’s office though I received a response that was truly disturbing. The governor of the state has the power to pardon a convicted felon from prison, from death row even. Yet the response from his office was that he had no jurisdiction over family matters so there was nothing he could do. My only choice at this point was to leave the country entirely. 

That is when My Son and I came into Canada. I had just started looking for work when the Canadian government discovered us. I was informed that My Son would have to be returned to his mother and that I had a warrant out for my arrest if I was to go back to the United States.  I knew that if I went back I would be thrown in jail and never be allowed to see my son again. No matter what I said or did I knew the system far to well, and that my human rights would never be observed. I asked that I be allowed to claim refugee status in Canada since I knew that going back meant I would be unduly persecuted and I would rot in a prison for the rest of my life. I know that there is a maximum term that I would be sentenced to, but I also knew that once they had my in the prison system they would conveniently forget about me and I would never see freedom again. After the first of two hearings that set up this process of claiming refugee status I was interviewed by one of the immigration personnel. When I informed him that I was afraid of persecution because of my sex and quite possibly my race, this person looked up at me and stated “you look like a white Anglo-Saxon male to me” when I told him that was the problem he again looked at me and stated that this system was not here to hide from the law, and that I had to be serious about my need for protection. I was unnerved by his response since it implies that human rights apply only to women or non-whit, non-Anglo Saxon males. I remember thinking what chance do I stand when my ethnicity creates an assumption that there is no need for the protection of my human rights. I again told him I was very serious and that his own bias against me was part of the problem I was facing. He stared at me for a few more seconds, let out a soft sigh, and stated that he would return shortly. All I could think about while he was gone was that when the time came I would have to face this same attitude with everyone I met. How was I supposed to get past this perception that if you are a white male nothing bad, wrong, or improper could ever happen to you? Then three more thoughts crept into my mind. How could I protect My Son now? What was going to happen to him? Why does no one care?

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